Car ride through Abu Dhabi with an Escort

Car ride through Abu Dhabi with an Escort
  • Adam
  • December 8, 2019

Going for a car ride through Abu Dhabi with an Escort is not a very common option, it is precisely why I decided to do it this time.

At the time of choosing, I obviously started by checking on the escortindex site for engine warming and putting together a search “parameter”.

Then, within UAE I accessed my beloved portal, at this point and a mandatory stop every fortnight. A brunette girl was the option this time.

Small bust, short height, a heart attack was the essential thing to get the company girl this time. I went like I did with her .

One of the most attractive girls I have encountered on the site, just arrived in UAE, and new to the world of escorts.

I continued with my plan and invited the escort to take a car ride through Abu Dhabi. We go to those historic streets, through the neighborhood, sensual and picturesque.

My pretty ride as an escort

We park in a dark dead end street, illuminated with the distant buildings and songs of a nearby bar. We went to the back seat and quickly lay down with the potito stopped.

“Put it in my ass,” he said, as he looked at me with a hot face that excited me more than I had ever been.

I pulled down my pants, penetrated her hard and her moans were soft, but sensual. I knew I couldn’t scream anymore, there is some risk and fun in public places.

After doing it for 20 minutes, she came down and started giving me oral sex like a professional. I ended up in his mouth and swallowed everything.

I recommend everyone to have these kinds of experiences, the risk to be seen always gives sex a special magic. 

Busty escort in Abu Dhabi

Today, with so many portals it is not difficult to find a busty escort in Abu Dhabi. So, taking this into consideration, we must focus on the ease of the same.

Our portal and its advanced search engine deliver what you are trying to find, with an intuitive system to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Always following the advice of our EscortGuide friends we deliver interesting search criteria for you

You can find from thin girls, short girls to women of 1.80 meters, asses and of course, a busty escort in Abu Dhabi . the criteria you put !.

In today’s case, we are looking for a busty blonde inside the our  site. Then, we use the custom search engine on the site based on the criteria of “available” in Abu Dhabi.

One of the first results is Pola, an incredible Venezuelan escort and at a great price, so without hesitation, we contacted her.


We met her in the agreed place and as expected, the service was of quality (with such beauty, it could not be different).

Personally, it had been a long time since I didn’t have a sex like the one Pola gave me, I totally recommend if it’s your first experience.

A first class treatment and an impressive body is all that you may need in a girl from the escort world, charming and dedicated to pleasure, full shaved.

Pola made me the most pleasant Russian straw you can imagine, I finished in minutes and respected the time, after recovering we continued with the game of pleasure.

She is just one of the many girls that our portal has to offer, be sure to check the site to be aware of the news.

Changes are made periodically so that its users have the best and easiest and most discreet experience.

Until next time!